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Cantor was hired at NFL Network in 2006, but was fired after a decade of working there when she was accused of stealing clothes. A makeup artist at NFL Network, Erin McParland, says that Cantor warned her she might be targeted when she started working there. McParland is accusing Davis and Michael Irvin of inappropriate behavior with her. On January 5, ESPN announced that it had “cut ties with Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis following a monthlong investigation into allegations of sexual harassment at another network.”

Heavy Rain was a critical and commercial success, winning multiple Game of the Year awards and selling over three million copies. [3] A film adaptation of the game is currently in development. A PlayStation 4 version, featuring improved graphics and resolution, was released as both a standalone title and in the Quantic Dream Collection with Beyond: Two Souls , in March 2016. As of January 2018, Heavy Rain has sold million units worldwide across both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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