Dr. alban - u & mi

In 1990, he met Denniz Pop from the SweMix label and, together with Denniz and rap artist Leila K , released his first record, "Hello Afrika". Alban Uzoma Nwapa took the stage name Dr. Alban, a nod to his dental studies. His debut album Hello Afrika included hits like " Hello Afrika " and " No Coke ", both of which ended up being million-selling singles. [1] The album itself was quite successful which earned Alban Gold-certification-awards in numerous markets including Germany (for sales of over 250,000 units), Austria (for sales of over 25,000 units) and Switzerland (for sales of over 25,000 units). [5] [6] [7]

Dr. Alban - U & MiDr. Alban - U & MiDr. Alban - U & MiDr. Alban - U & Mi