Champion kickboxer perforations / maximum


This structure was developed in conjunction with the government's sporting authorities to manage and regulate all the non Olympic and non Karate associated Martial Arts.

Baxter Humby worked as a stunt double for Tobey Maguire in the film Spider-Man 3 , during a fight scene in which Spider-Man punches through Sandman 's chest.

"I've got six brothers, and I'm the baby of the family," Crandall said. "I already knew how to fight because I fought my brothers all the time."

It’s a subterranean world of locker rooms, fluorescent lights, thumping music, mirrors and the stink of sweat. City boys, Bangladeshi kids from the estates, muscular black dudes, immigrants from Lithuania and Poland; some professional fighters, some here simply to keep fit – all thumping punch bags, sweating sit-ups, beating the hell out of each other in the ring.

Flyweight kg ( lbs)
Super Flyweight kg (121 lbs)
Bantamweight kg (125 lbs)
Super Bantamweight kg (129 lbs)
Featherweight kg ( lbs)
Super Featherweight kg ( lbs)
Lightweight kg (142 lbs)
Super Lightweight kg (147 lbs)
Welterweight kg ( lbs)
Super Welterweight kg ( lbs)
Middleweight kg (168 lbs)
Super Middleweight kg (175 lbs)
Light Heavyweight kg (181 lbs)
Super Light Heavyweight kg ( lbs)
Cruiserweight kg ( lbs)
Super Cruiserweight kg ( lbs)
Heavyweight kg (213 lbs)
Super Heavyweight + kg (+213 lbs)

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Champion Kickboxer Perforations / MaximumChampion Kickboxer Perforations / MaximumChampion Kickboxer Perforations / MaximumChampion Kickboxer Perforations / Maximum