Donny hathaway - you were meant for me / valdez in the country

Marie says”Stephen, I want to be a couple ok act like we just got
married and we’re on our honeymoon, and what does married couple’s do”?
Stephen smiles as he lays on top of his mother kissing her.

"Nobody could write a song like that," says legendary guitarist Phil Upchurch. "You receive it. You wake up in the middle of the night, and God talks to you and says go write this down."

We spent many hours looking on the Internet searching for the right RV for our 12 month trip around America and Canada. We came across MHS on several search sites and found a great variety of coaches to suit our needs and the prices were amazing. So we knew that by making Texas our destination we could come and look at a large variety of coaches at the one place.

The civil rights movement captured the nation's attention in 1963, and musicians proved no exception. The marches, protests and tragedies of 50 years ago influenced some of the greatest artists of the 20th century, including Aretha Franklin , Bob Dylan , Harry Belafonte and Mavis Staples . We've gathered more than 150 songs for a special NPR Music Radio channel that commemorates this important moment in our nation's history. Several of the songs we chose were part of the movement, sung by protestors at rallies, while others were inspired by the events of the era — such as Neil Young songs answered by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The stream includes many genres of music from across the last five decades that draw direct inspiration from that historic year.

The Mancunian four-piece packed their debut with spellbinding pop melodies like this, influencing a generation of Brit-poppers.

Hathaway invited McKinnor to his office/studio where, according to Powell , she recited several of her songs in more of a spoken word-type delivery. One was a holiday single she’d written in 1967. Hathaway was immediately drawn to its infectiousness and immediately got to work. They are credited as co-writers . “He arranged it, produced it, recorded it like a weaver,” she said in a 2008 episode of TV One’s Unsung . “He just put it all together in his head.” And it was his wizardry that created the tune’s most memorable trait — the instrumentation.

Donny Hathaway - You Were Meant For Me / Valdez In The CountryDonny Hathaway - You Were Meant For Me / Valdez In The CountryDonny Hathaway - You Were Meant For Me / Valdez In The CountryDonny Hathaway - You Were Meant For Me / Valdez In The Country