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The Spaniards launched expeditions to subdue the area throughout the colonial era but they never gained control of the region until the middle of the 19th century after the Spaniards established a military post at what is now Barangay Tamontaka, one of the earliest Christian settlements founded south of the Philippines, in present-day Cotabato City . Spaniards already took with them Chabacanos and Chabacano -speaking Muslims from Zamboanga and Basilan and Cebuanos . Chabacanos being brought by Spaniards are the reason of existing Chabacano dialect in Cotabato City called Cotabateño , evolved from Zamboangueño.

Sorry-- Don't think this answers the question.  Recently changed from Outlook 2003 to 2010 (with great regret) .  The order of Outlook Mail folders used to be alphabetical.  This means that the "Deleted Items" and "Drafts" folders appeared above the Inbox.  They now appear below the Inbox.  I had to start with new profile due to AD security changes after our Exchange 2007 upgrade (another great regret).  Is this a new Microsoft way of Alphabetizing??