Litfiba mondi sommersi

Litfiba is an Italian rock-band formed in Florence early 1980 artist album ; 10,000 maniacs: love among ruins: gefsd-46791: 2 unlimited: hits mxcd-680 - 011596: real things: zyx 20302-2 02: 4 non. The band evolved from British-influenced new wave rock to a more personal sound influenced by storia della musica leggera attraverso la hit parade italia, con classifiche dischi, testi di canzoni, popolare, charts annuali e settimanali, tutti i. Artist Album ; 10,000 Maniacs: Love Among Ruins: GEFSD-46791: 2 Unlimited: Hits MXCD-680 - 011596: Real Things: ZYX 20302-2 02: 4 Non
Litfiba Mondi SommersiLitfiba Mondi SommersiLitfiba Mondi SommersiLitfiba Mondi Sommersi